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Found 4 results for Registration Type = 'Traditional' and Period = '2018 Spring' and Department = 'Childhood Studies'.

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 CourseDateSessionCreditsFeesScheduleAvailable Seats 
OPENIntroduction to Communication Disorders
EA 214/Lecture/I

5/7/2018 -
2018 Spring Regular Semester1.0026 of 40
Instructors: Evans, Kayla
OPENExceptionality V: Behavioural Disorders
EA 216/Lecture/I

5/7/2018 -
2018 Spring Regular Semester1.0021 of 40
Instructors: Sorley, Michelle
OPENAdolescents In The Classroom
EA 217/Lecture/I

5/7/2018 -
2018 Spring Regular Semester1.0019 of 40
Instructors: Lothian-Hendrix, Priscilla
OPENWorking With Children With Autism
EA 224/Lecture/E

5/7/2018 -
2018 Spring Regular Semester1.00 Tuesday 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM; Keyano College - Main Campus, Clearwater Building, Room 216 17 of 40
Instructors: Sorley, Michelle

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