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2022 Winter Regular Semester
ENVT 165/Lecture/A - Geotechnical Sampling & Instrumentation | Credits 3.00
The course is an introduction to the practical field and laboratory techniques used in the construction of buildings, industrial facilities, roads, bridges, containment structures, waste handling facilities, power lines, pipe lines and recreation sites common to the area. Topics such as construction site safety and material sampling and testing (soil, gravel, concrete and asphalt) are covered. Prerequisite: EAS 100

Registration Type Traditional
Fees N/A
Instructors O'Donnell, Neil D
Duration 1/4/2022 - 4/29/2022
Schedule Thursday  1:00 PM - 2:50 PM;  Keyano College Campu, Syncrude Centre, Room 214
Prerequisites ( EAS 100 / Lecture <min grade = C-, min credit = 3.00> or EAS 100 / Lecture <min grade = CR, min credit = 3.00> ) or Instructor Permission Required from De Villiers, Jean-Pierre
Corequisites ENVT 165 / Laboratory
Credit Types Letter Grade
Class 20 Seats | 13 Remaining

Primary population and other student populations allowed to register for this course:
 Primary Population# Others Allowed# Others Registered
Campus  Keyano College - Main Campus00
Program  Credit00
College  UniStd CareerP AUpgr00
Department  EnvironmentalScience100
Curriculum  Environment Tech 200